In 2002, Anne Marie wrote and starred in a live comedy called Not Getting It, directed by Michael McGinn, co-starring Adrian Churchill and Duff MacDonald. In 2003, Not Getting It was turned into a one hour television special by SFA Productions for CTV and The Comedy Network, which still plays. SFA's wardrobe master Lee Kinoshita-Bevington took the hot-pink robe Anne Marie was using for her original stage production, and replaced it with a one-of-a-kind, custom-made, leopard print robe. Anne Marie has literally been wearing it ever since. Even just around the house... she's like that...

In 2015, when Anne Marie debuted her live comedy show MILF Life Crisis, she was proud to return the leopard print robe to the spotlight for the "Timmy's Not Home Right Now" scene. Also known as "The Plumber Scene." If you think it's an audience participation scene, you're right! Now in its third year of touring international, MILF Life Crisis is another bone fide hit. And so is the robe. Anne Marie has partnered with LA based designer (and Calgary native) Linda Jane Miller (aka Lady Jane) to create the robe for you. Available in two sizes: small/medium or medium/ large. Visit the new Clearly Blonde online store at

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